Korea’s only surfing-based lifestyle content magazine. Stoned Magazine is holding its second exhibit. The exhibition, composed of photos, paintings and video, consists of works by artists with Stoned Magazine.

Saturday, December 1, 2018 ~ 11 (For 10 days)


633-3 2F, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul


Hong Youngseok @ygskh
Park Jongsoo @_parkjongsoo_
Ryu Hyunchul @ryuc_ftss
Kwak Kigon @kigon_kwak
Lee Jooho @lee.joo.ho
and Ozzie Wright @ozzywrong
-Who is Ozzie wright?
Ozzie Wright AKA: Ozzy Wrong is an Australian Pro Surfer. But he is not just a typical surfer, he is an innovator, painter, musician, he is a true artist. He created the internationally recognized brand known as “VOLCOM.” Ozzy Wright is idolized by and has greatly influenced many creative pro surfers, such as Dane Reynolds, Mason Ho, and Noa Deane. Ozzy Wright was huge in impacting the modern surf culture. He is currently the lead vocal in a band called “Goons of Dooms” with his wife Mylee, and he is also having to showcase his artworks in countries such as United States, Australia, and Japan. He has such a unique artistic style that anyone would recognize his works. And with his own unique style of art, he has been a sensation all over the world.