Song Min

Song Min

The history of human civilization is divided with regards to the tool they used in respective ages: stone, bronze and iron. Then it is only fair if we call this epoch ‘plastic age’. The convenience of plastics needs no explanation. They’re cheap, made in simple processes and easy to produce in scale; consumers can expect diverse products in uniform quality at a bargain. They brought in a new age, just like the industrial revolution did.

150 years into the age of plastics, we’re now used to getting things we want within days, if not hours. New innovative products are being made ever more faster, and it’s getting more convenient and faster every minute. Nobody, however, could have guessed how harmful the plastics could be when they were first discovered, just as we were ignorant of the dangers of radioactivity when we first discovered the use of atomic energy. As we grow more and more reliant on plastics, tremendous amount of them are being trashed. Their existence can never be natural. The man-made chemical compound is taking its toll on the earth, devastating it.

Surfing is like a gift from the nature: it is only possible through countless natural phenomena working in harmony. The very fact that we, surfers, should rely on the nature allowed us to learn how to wait, a rare feat for our time. We’re living in a fast and convenient plastic world. Waiting can be long and tedious.