Photography :
Hong Young Seok

Writer :
Song Min

Min : We’re going to ask you a few questions, for the interview. In Korea, surfing is quite new, so we might start with very simple questions maybe silly for you.

Ozzie : That’s fine. I love it. Yeah, fire away when you’re read.

Min : Boards from Vampirates were pretty good.

Ozzie : The boardswork? Right.

Min : I rode the Gravedigger.

Ozzie : Oh, yeah?

Min : And… -what was that- inflatable mattress, one of them was one of my ‘magic boards’.

Ozzie : Yeah, that’d be really good on the waves of Korea, too.

Min : Yeah, really fast.

Ozzie : And the gravedigger; that’d be perfect for Korea.

Min : Once I was on the Gravedigger, my friend asked me, “what did you do on your board? ‘Cause you’re going so fast.”

Ozzie : (laughs) Yeah.

Min : (I said,) “I just changed my board.”

Ozzie : Yeah, they have good designs. They’re really designed for small waves, and, you know, going really fast, as fast as possible.

Min : Could we ask you for one more picture? In somewhere bright?