Hong Youngseok

Hong Youngseok

I had bought a digital camera back when I knew nothing about cameras. After skimming over the manual and going through the basic instructions, I frantically took pictures wherever I went until I got fed up with organizing them.

Recently, I got a chance to use a film camera of my friend’s. You have to buy rolls of negatives, each will give you only 36 shots, and you also have to get them developed. But I rather thought it would be great for me. You can keep a rollful of 36 pictures in a folder, it’ll automatically be organized in terms of date, and constantly rising price of films would keep you from carelessly pushing the shutter button. So I bought one for myself before long. The first one was a regular compact camera. Then came the Lomo. They told me it adds a certain ‘taste’ to the outcome. I keep telling myself I wasn’t deceived by those words…

It wasn’t cheap at all. It’s totally manual. It’s viewfinder is completely analog. I had to measure how far it was from the lens by myself. But I quickly got used to it. Now I can tell how far something is just from looking at it.